Let’s take a look at my dreams October. How are they actually going?

1. Practice a sport at least once a week.
This one was a difficult one as last week I didn’t have my sports outfit with me, but today I went to a zumba class with some friends 😀 So so far I’m keeping up as good as possible.

2. Eat healthier, a.k.a. no more fastfood when you have time to cook yourself.
When this week I could’ve bought some fastfood twice, instead I cooked for myself twice.Kind of proud of myself, especially if you think about my busy class schedule: I always, always have classes at 12 o’clock and 19 o’clock. Makes it really hard to cook.

3. Don’t buy too much nail polish. (a.k.a. one colour a week)
As you could read yesterday I still haven’t bought nail polish 😀 I’m really a good girl here!
4. Get funky with those nail arts again! 
My current nail art, which you can see here, is quite special. And I’m already thinking about my next one, which will hopefully be funky too :p
5. Make a 10-days-update of my goals, so I don’t forget them by the middle of the month. 
I’m cleaaarly succeeding in this one! 😀

Now you’re updated again about my goals, how is it going with you goals?

xo Noor

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0 thoughts on “My dreams of October so far”

  1. Zumba was super leuk! Leuke Zuiderse muziek ook, de stretch-sessie was meer een danszaal voor mijn vriendin en mij 😀 Ik zou zo graag willen fitnessen, maar ik geraak daar maar niet! Maar twee keer per week sporten met de unief lukt me nog net 😀


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