Since last week the weather has changed completely: cold, rain and wind have arrived in Belgium and I’m not liking it! Besides that, I always wear the wrong clothes. Mostly I’m dressed too warm, which is so annoying when you have to ride your bicycle on a very steep hill so I’m always sweating like craaazy when I arrive at school! But you actually never know what weather it is outside until you’re outside for half an hour and by then it’s too late to change. Jeans and tee are by far the most safe choice, but there’s the risk that it gets too boring too. I wish I could live in a country that has only Summer, so much easier, and warmer :p
This are some collages with clothes I would wear in this cold weather if they would be in my closet.

Transition period Transition period  Transition period  Transition period  Autumn

Of course the dresses in the sets should be worn with thighs, or you’d almost freeze to death :p Here you can see a mixture of short sleeves and long sleeves because I don’t think it matters much for now; wearing a jacket with long sleeves does the warming job too. I can feel the weather is getting worse in the coming weeks, so I’m prepared for colder weather, even though I’m hoping the extreme cold will stay away for a while (:
BTW, is it a big surprise to you that forty percent of my sets are featuring a satchel bag? (a) :p (If you’re wondering why the heck I’m saying this right now, read this blog post (; )

What do you think about my sets? 😀

xo Noor

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