Remember this post? I told you about how I wasn’t allowed to buy nail polish for 365 days. I did it! I didn’t buy a single drip of nail polish! (Except top coats, which was allowed, luckily!) And how am I behaving right now, a full week after the contract ended?

So far, I haven’t bought nail polish yet. Exactly, you’ve read it right: one full week without buying any nail polish, even though I finally can. I do have passed the drugstore where I always bought my nail polish, but I didn’t need to rush inside to pick ten paint pots. I realise I own a lot of colours and that I don’t need a thousand of colours more. Bling bling nail polish and confetti nail polish will still be my weak point, but besides that I don’t need all of the everyday colours because I own colours that look more or less like it. Of course I know I’ll buy a new colour any time soon; nail polish doesn’t refill itself. Last week I even discovered that the very first colour I ever bought from Catrice was empty. (It was Sweets for my sweets, btw, and I bought it because it was pink and it had a cute name. Still in love with the colour, but so sad it’s empty now…) Maybe I’ll pass the drugstore today to see which colours they have and if I’ll still be able to hold myself together once I’m in front of the shelf :p

I’ll keep you posted (;

xo Noor

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  1. It was incredibly hard, but now I don't feel the need to buy every single colour of nail polish I see, because I know I already own a similar colour 😀


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