As Dolores O’Riordan sings it so nice: “October, October, The summer is over”. Summer might be over, but my dreams aren’t! (Even though I’ve been quite lazy in setting them, blame the exams and holidays! :p ) But after all here I am again with my dreams 😀

1. Practice a sport at least once a week.
2. Eat healthier, a.k.a. no more fastfood when you have time to cook yourself.
3. Don’t buy too much nail polish. Now that my anti-nail polish-buying-contract (which you can read about here) has ended, I can finally buy nail polish again, yayyyy!! 😀 Just to prevent that I would buy too much at once, I can only buy one colour a week.
4. Get funky with those nail arts again! Yes, that’s another thing I’ve been quite lazy about: painting my nails is easy, but getting a decent nail art is that little too hard… How about starting tomorrow? You’ll def see it here if I succeeded in this one (;
5. Make a 10-days-update of my goals, so I don’t forget them by the middle of the month. 

This is it for this month: one should never start dreaming too big because otherwise one could end up succeeding none of the dreams. (;

Do you have any goals for this month or year?

xo Noor

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