What I like the most about travelling is coming home with rather unique clothes and accessories. This time I didn’t succeed in buying a nice dress, but I did buy a shirt showing a cat with the text “F*ck YOLO, cats have 7 lifes” which is just hilarious! Oh and I also bought a ruffled top in light pink and a white, knitted pullover 😀
You will certainly see this later on, but now I’ll show you the accessories I’ve bought.
Just a hint of what I’ve bought and wore in Croatia:

Clothes & Dreams: Ring pula

Clothes & Dreams: Bracelets from Stradivarius

These are some bracelets I’ve bought in Zadar. Easily to be found in all Stradivarius shops all over the world I guess, but I just really liked them a lot and couldn’t leave them in the shop :p The upper one is just perfect with some whiter things, while the greenish purple one is excellent to give a flash of colour to an outfit 😀

Clothes & Dreams: Ring from Pula
This ring I’ve bought in Pula, in a small shop as you can find all over the historic centre, only this little shop was the only shop where they sold this ring and I just had to have it *-* It doesn’t look as weird as it does on the picture, you can see it better in the very first picture of this post. It seems to be a stone, but it must be some plastic or other light material because I don’t even notice I’m wearing it 😀

Clothes & Dreams: brown earrings from Zadar, Croatia
Clothes & Dreams: blue earrings from Zadar, Croatia

These earrings were both bought in a little shop in Zadar. The blue ones I got as a present from my boyfriend 😀 He had seen I was doubting so much between the two pairs, so he bought me the second pair without my knowledge 😀

Clothes & Dreams: necklace from Pula
This is a necklace from Pula, also a present from my boyfriend 😀 I tend to love those big statement necklaces more and more, but I never wear them because they don’t have a story, which my three necklaces have: all three of them were bought while on a voyage with my boyfriend. Sentimental is my middle name, yes :p

I’m so happy with all the accessories I turned home with. Quite unique pieces, well at least here in Belgium :p Do you also buy a lot of accessories when you’re on holiday or am I only a weird kind of exception? :p

xo Noor

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