For this post I had a whole different post already written out, but due to circumstances, I’m unable to publish it… It was going to be about a beautiful dress I had bought in Rome and was wearing in Zadar, Croatia. The pictures of me wearing the dress have disappeared, and because my suitcase was weighting too much, I had taken out all other “evening dresses”, so I really wanted to show that one. But fate’s not at my side, so instead I’ll give you some other clothing pictures I’ve worn during my trip :p

This ensemble I’ve worn during our second evening in Croatia. We went seeing the sunset, which was really wonderful to see 😀 (And there was a lot of wind :p)

Pants: Zara. Top: bought in Brazil. Satchel: Topshop.
Here we went visiting the Krka Waterfalls. You can actually swim in one of the waterfalls, well, in front of it, and afterwards I just wore my bikini under my dungaree and I was decently dressed again 😀

Dungaree: Opção, Brazilian brand.

In Pula we went visiting the amphitheatre. We weren’t expecting sun that day because the weather forecast said it would rain all day. When we left our hotel, it was raining, but when we arrived at the historic centre of Pula, the sun came out to stay the rest of the day. Croatian weather is just craaaazy!

Pants: Zara. Top: Stradivarius. Bag: Primark.

That’s right, second time I’m wearing that pants. As we could only take 15 kilogram, and the suitcase itself was waaay too heavy, I had to leave out a lot of clothes, for example pants. I took this one and a bright blue one, so when the weather would be colder, I would survive :p Same reason why I took so little dresses or shoes… And when I do take a beautiful dress and beautiful shoes with me, the pictures are lost. Dear heaven, why?!
Luckily, I had taken just enough clothes to be dressed comfy everyday. We spent our trip visiting waterfalls, riding on a mountainbike, walking through nature parks and visiting cities. Those days I always wore a simple top with shorts, extremely comfy and easy, just perfect for such a holiday 😀 

Xo Noor

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