I FINALLY painted my nails again! Because of my trip to Croatia, I didn’t want to end up with my nail polish chipping off by the middle of the trip, I decided to give my nails some rest and not paint them. Quite a weird feeling, to be honest :p
But now I painted them again using this wonderful instrument:
Barry M’s nail art pen, which I bought when I was visiting London πŸ˜€
Curious about the nail art?

It’s actually an extremely easy nail art to do, if you have a nail art pen or a dotting pen at least. Since I’m in a hurry, I didn’t do an extreme nail art or something, just something simple.
It turned out like this. The red is Colorama’s nutriverniz in RomΓ£, which a friend of mine gave me while I was in Brazil πŸ˜€ The colour is just perfectly dark, I just looove to wear this one in a transition period, even though today is warm. Perfect weather for the student kick-off, methinks! That’s actually why I’m in a hurry, because tonight all the students from Ghent and beyond come to Ghent to celebrate the start of the new academic year. Hopefully it’ll be just as much fun as last years πŸ˜€
BTW, what do you think about the nail art? πŸ˜€
xo Noor

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