Samuel Johnson once said “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.” 
I couldn’t agree more! Last week I finally visited this awesome city, after more than three years of saying to my friends that one day we would go. We had three wonderful days and this is part of what I’ve bought there.

As the primark in Belgium is rather far from where I live and from where I study, I haven’t been able to get there (yet). I’ll be planning to go one day soon because while being in London I ended up buying two blouses, two bags, a purse and three pairs of earrings there. Cheapass shop and nice things, match made in heaveeen! On the picture you can see the blouses and one of the bags (the right one), the other bag I’ve bought there is just a plain, big, black bag which I’ll be using for school. I also bought a bag in Topshop (the left bag on the picture) and a L’Oréal shampoo without sulphates, which after two uses is already approved by me. First time I’ve bought this shampoo, and I will certainly buy this one again!
Other things that aren’t pictured here: another hair product I’ve bought for the first time there: Organix renewing moroccan argan oil (I just loooove it!!) and a blue polka dot dress and a typical English umbrella, both from Camden Town. I think Camden Town is an awesome part of London: little shops, food from all corners of the world, great atmosphere, … I def recommend!
I’m really happy about my visit to London. I’ve encountered new brands (Organix, Topshop, Primark) and new things from a brand I already knew (the L’Oréal shampoo). I’ve visited cool places and I’ve spent a wonderful time with my friends. I’m so happy we finally made it to that amazing city 😀
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