Last week I’ve spent three wonderful days in London. But today it’s back to reality. I’m back in my appartment, ready for some studying for resits. But as I ran short on food here, I had to go outside and buy some things. And this is my outfit to do so, remembering myself of the time I bought some of the clothes, not so long ago. Ah, the memories!

(Sorry for the blurryness; the battery of my camera decided to take a break and I don’t have the battery charger with me right now so I could only take two pictures and this was the best one :p )

Zara pants – H&M shirt – Primark blouse – Topshop bag

The blouse and the bag I’ve bought while I was in London.  As you could read in my last blog post I had never been to Primark before, but I was determined to buy some clothes there. I clearly succeeded, leaving the shop with two bags, two blouses, a purse and three pairs of earrings. Yay!

Do you like the bag? I’ve seen those kinds of bags around for some months now, only I never found the right one. When I arrived in Camden Town, I saw a black and white pair and I immediately fell in love: the form, the colour, everything was perfect. But my doubting self told my brain to take a look around and search for a less perfect one, only to be convinced afterwards of the perfectness of that first bag. Some hours later I decided to go back and take another look at the bag. But my brain told me I already had a black and white bag which I should definitely use more. So I didn’t buy the bag.
The next day we went to the Primark shop. They had the same type of bag in black, in white and in another colour. I really wanted this type of bag, so I walked around the shop with a white one in my basket. But still, I wasn’t completely convinced. The white of the bag was really white, not something yellowish but like really white. And it had a name card holder at the front, which I didn’t like. So I decided to let go of that bag too.
The third and last day we went to Topshop. And there he stood: the perfect bag in a perfect colour. I took one and didn’t let go anymore. It’s the perfect bag in my collection so far. 😀

BTW, to return to my outfit: I paired my outfit with my Daniel Wellington watch and round, white earrings.Quite effortless outfit with a classy touch. What do you think about it? 😀


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