If you want to know how I keep the sunshine a little longer with me, even though I’m staying inside studying the following five weeks:

In this post you could read about my recently bought nail rings. I also had a plan to do a sideways ombre with yellow and gold. Well, I decided to do something else, as I’m not planning to go outside much in the following weeks, at least not to go sunbathing, I thought “well, if I’m not going to the sun, the sun might come to me.”
I painted my nails yellow, just like the first idea I had. And of course I just HAD to show you the result with nail ring on. What do you think? A real beauty, isn’t it? 😀

And this is the nail art:

Luckily this sun is not as hot as the real sun (; I’m sorry about that: exam humour is coming up again, better be prepared!
What do you think about the nail art? 😀


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