I’ve discovered a new webshop: meet imomoi.com. Gosh, they have such nice things! For example this skirt:

Ready for my wishlist? 😀

 (Click on picture to go to webshop)

I just looooove this floral skirt because of these white stripes; it really adds that little extra 😀 And the price ($23.99) makes me even want it more! 😀

 This colorblock sequin dress is just perrrrfect for a night out! And for $27.50 you can’t go wrong, right? 😀

The sneak peek already showed the skirt version, but here’s the painted jeans shorts: what’s not to love!? Rather easy to DIY, but for the lazy people among us for the people that know that when you would DIY this, that it wouldn’t be as perfect as this one, there’s an already made one ready to order 😀

 I really love this dress: Bat sleeved, zipper at the front, jeans… Want want want!

 It’s got umbrellas on it! Nuff said. 

As you can see: I’m still having exams, because I’m still craving for clothes and making wish lists :p What do you think about my finds? Gosh, I really want to put every single item in my basket and go to the check-out!

xo Noor

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  1. I agree! I think this one is so easily to match because of the white lines. Perfect for summer to accentuate a bronzed skin 😀


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