Discovering new things is always fun. Especially when it can make you earn clothes or gift cards. Got curious? Then read on! I’ve got something really cool to show you 😀

So the other day I was browsing on the internet when I came across this website: This is a website where you can love, or “want” clothes, media, food, gifts, etcetera. Looks similar to for example fashiolista, doesn’t it? Well, the big difference is that you can actually EARN something loving things on this website! 😀

How does this work exactly?
Well, you can easily browse by categories or brand, so I started following some brands. For example Marc by Marc Jacobs. 
There I saw this wonderful bracelet:
Next step: Click on WANT

This screen pops up:

And you simply add it to whatever categorie you want or can invent 😀

You could already see on the second picture that there was one deal available. When you open the image again, you can find more information about this deal:
Hmmm this sounds quite interesting, doesn’t it? 😀 Hold on, there’s even more!
You can also earn points. When you want things, you get 3 points. Every time somebody wants your want, you get 10 points. What can you exactly do with those points? Shopcade explains this very easily:
“Points are our currency on Shopcade. You earn Points for being active and popular, such as getting more followers and having them buy or Add products you’ve added. You can also simply buy more points if you want an immediate boost. Points are very useful as you can redeem them for exclusive Rewards on Shopcade as well as for entering Sweepstakes and customising your Shopcade!”
These rewards can you find here:
Sometimes you’ll need a certain amount of points, but other times, as the seven examples here show, you need a certain trend score. This trend score is calculated when you add products to your Shopcade, follow brands and people, purchase items and invite your friends to join in the Shopcade. Unfortunately, you can only redeem points for an object if you’re living in the UK. Outside the UK you can redeem points for webshop things, like gift cards or free delivery.
You can find what I love here:
xo Noor

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