I hate exams. I don’t like the social suicide I have to commit while studying, I hate to be inside for days in a row, I hate that I sometimes spend a whole day without speaking and I hate all of my sweatpants because I have been wearing one at least five days a week.
I’m sorry, but I just wanted to tell anyone all this.
Good thing is: whenever I’ve washed my hair and don’t spend a day studying inside, I dress up. And this is exactly what happened last Wednesday.

As Tuesday I had an exam and my next exam would only be in eight days, I could go home for a day off. This is how I have been walking around that day:

Shoes: :H&M, Shirt: Forever 21, Watch: Daniel Wellington (here)

I know it is a normal outfit, but notice the watch I’m wearing? It’s new, it’s gorgeous and I love it 😀 you can read about it here.

BTW, notice my hair? I love this hair style when I’m studying, so easy to make and so pretty 😀 Read all about this twisted hairstyle here 😀

Do you like my study break outfit?
How do you dress when you’re studying? Sweatpants or normal clothes?


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