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May has been quite a busy month. I’ve had a lot of things to do for school besides preparing for exams, so I kind of forgot about my goals. *feeling ashamed*. Here is a recap for May, in a way to remind myself of my failed goals and to try to find more motivation.
If you want to know how I succeeded with my dreams of May (which you can find here) until the middle of May, read this blog post.

These were my dreams of May with some comments on how they ended:

1. Go shopping on Monday mornings.

A little fail. I went shopping on Monday evenings in the beginning of May, but at the end I usually had so many things left in my fridge that I did not had to go shopping then… But I made sure that I always had a piece of fruit with me, as for in dream four. The good news is that I no longer feel reluctant to go to the grocery store. I just go.

2. Do at least twice a week some sport.

Big, BIG, BIG fail. I did not run again since the halfway post because of a lack of time. I know that may sound as a “you just say something to make you feel better about it”, but I actually had so many work for school that I was tired and did not want to schedule my alarm earlier just to go running. But as I go studying in the library close to school, I have to ride up the hill by bicycle every day and take the stairs for 3 floors. (Well, I don’t have to take the stairs, I also could take the elevator, but I refuse to do so. Ain’t that good of me? 😀 )
P.S. I just realised I did some sit-ups two days ago because the muscles in my belly start hurting again. Yes, that’s right: I did some 38 sit-ups and my belly is hurting for two full days. Can you image my overall condition? :p

3. Make a schedule of what-to-do/learn every week.

Tum-du-dum… Well, due to a fairly good exam schedule, I don’t have to really schedule my what-to-learn because I just have time to learn everything the week before the exam. Besides that I had a lot of little works for different subjects, so I actually worked on those until four days before the start of the exams, so I could not make a schedule because immediately after that I had my first exam.

4. Take a piece of fruit to class. 

Beside the one time I forgot my apple, I succeeded in this goal! 😀

5. Take more outfit pics.

Ummm…… I have taken one more outfit picture with my new jacket (this one here), but besides that I just did not want to make time for taking outfit pictures because of the exams. Life sucks when I’m having exams, seriously. 🙁 

6. Eat less/no more sugar.

Difficult one. A lot of possibilities to eat sugar + feeling so sad because of the exams made me crave for sugar quite a lot. But I’m eating less than I used to some weeks ago, so at least that’s an improvement, and I do take an apple with me to the library, just to make sure that I don’t take something out of the vendor machine. But I will def work more on this one!

Overall, I did not succeed in my goals. But I made some improvements, even though I did not think about my dreams the whole month. 
I don’t understand why I always tried to make full-year goals, when I can’t even complete (quite simple) one-month goals… But hey, at least I’m trying and don’t give up completely 😀
Do you have any dreams? 😀 If you have: how are they going?

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  1. Dank je! Ik hoop het, zowiezo in de vakantie wat kleinere voornemens nemen: als ik op reis ben bijvoorbeeld vind ik het zo stom om te gaan lopen als de medereizigers dat niet willen (wat meestal ook het geval is :p )


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