Three weeks ago I had two hours free in between classes and as a friend of mine had to go to the shopping street to search for a book, I went with her to check out some other shops. I only bought one little thing, but I am sooo happy with it! 😀

I just looooved this ring from I am as soon as I saw him! It is big, but not too big. It is  special, but not too special. It is just perfect. And I love how it is an “open” ring, makes it really arty too 😀

I study in Ghent, but I really think there are only a few nice shops in Ghent, that is to say, there are a lot of nice shops, but as I enter most of them like every month at least, I got bored of them. I would rather have a shopping street like Antwerp or Brussels or something, or only just a Forever 21, God how I would be happy! :p But there will be a primark coming here next year, so that’s something to look out too 😀
But on the other hand, it is a good thing there are not that much shops here: makes me spend less (;

Speaking of my hand: noticed I’m not wearing any nail polish? That’s right: I’m in the middle of the exams right now and I don’t even have time to paint my nails 🙁 But as soon as those exams have ended: nail art party on my hands 😀

To conclude this blog post: the joke of the day! 😀 *showing my new ring to a friend of mine* – friend: “wow, so pretty!” – me: “I am.”
Got it? I am saying it comes from the shop I am, but I also kind of say I am pretty. Okay, this is the first and the last time I explain jokes, please forgive me; exams make my mood go weird … –‘

What do you think of the ring? :p


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