This blog is about fashion, nail art, dreams and .. hairstyles. A follower of my blog may have noticed that there are not that much hair style tutorials on my blog. Well, in case you did notice this: that’s completely true. There’s only one, so to say that my blog is about hairstyles would be kind of unfair, but I do have a good reason to call this blog a blog about hairstyles, but why that part is kind of lacking right now.

IThe reason is very simple: I’m used to wear my hair loose. This comes in very handy when it’s cold because it actually keeps my neck warm :p Now with the rather bad and cold Belgian weather, I wasn’t feeling like doing a nice hairdo when I knew my neck would freeze off because of the cold. I know I could be wearing scarves, etc., but even though I was wearing two scarves, I would still feel cold with my hair loose, so I couldn’t image not feeling cold with my hair for example in a pony tail. Now that the exams have started, the weather is finally getting better, but I just don’t have time to make a braid and spend half an hour taking pictures of it, just to conclude that my hair actually does look a little greasy on them. (In case you would want to know: I tend to use the exams as a way to prolong the amount of days without washing my hair. Afterwards, I always get back to the ‘every-two-days’ mentality, but at least I’ve tried…)

And a simple pony tail is just not worth that amount of work and space on my blog. (:

I promise to be a good blogger again, with some of my favourite hairstyles on this blog, as soon as those exams end.

Until then: enjoy looking through my blog 😀 Even though I don’t have that much hair style tutorials, there are other interesting posts to find (;


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0 thoughts on “Explanation for the lack of hairstyle tutorials”

  1. Ik leef met je mee! Zit nu ook in de examens en ik heb toevallig van een haartutorial gemaakt, omdat ik even iets anders wilde doen dan leren. Maar mijn haar, hoofd en kleding zien er nu niet uit. Daar hoef ik ook geen foto's van op mijn blog.

  2. Superleuke tutorial die je gemaakt hebt trouwens, pluk vind ik eigenlijk ook wel een raar woord haha :p Nog veel succes met je examens!


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