As I’m having exams right now (just finished number two, four more to go!), I have cursed myself a lot for not having a watch: every single exam I’ve had till now I had some slight panic attacks because I did not know what time it was. One little girl going crazy, that’s right! And that is why I have been thinking about watches a LOT lately!
These are my favourites:

Classic York Lady
Daniel Wellington’s Classic York Lady, which you can find here. My all time favourite. I have been wanting this one for aaages now, but I don’t feel like passing the 50EUR mark of on-line shopping, so 149EUR is kind of a lot of money for me…
Classy St Andrews 
But when watching their web shop for the millionth time, I found out about this beauty: the Classy St Andrews, which you can find here. Looking as good as the Classic York Lady, but 50EUR cheaper, HURRAY! Still not getting myself at buying this watch, because well… Still more than 50EUR, but maybe, just maybe, I will have this beauty around my wrist once… *-*
Classic Swansea Lady
Their webshop is also filled with beauties in this style: The Classic Swansea Lady, which you can find here. I just loooove the different colour combo’s, even though this one is not that much different actually… But this one is:
Classic Southampton Lady
Just gorgeous, isn’t it? The contrasting pink and blue of this Classic Southampton Lady, which you can find here, is just perfect. 
I really want to wear a gorgeous watch like this, but yeah, you might get it by now: above the 50EUR mark, 79EUR above it to be precise. 

I know I crave for a nice watch every single exam period, and I never buy one, but this time it might be different. I have been thinking about buying this watch before, even without having exams, so this shows I really like the watch… Oh God, such hard doubting during exams, not good for my mental health! :p

What brand is your watch? This is actually the first site that pops into my mind when I think about buying a watch, but I know there are a looooot of other brands out there which I would be very pleased to know about (;


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