Walking in the street makes me notice that it is Spring: sun is shining, birds are singing, the trees and flowers have beautiful colours, etcetera. When this happens, you can also see a change in clothing: it gets shorter, brighter, more colourful, and since this year more neon too. 
It is almost impossible to walk through a shopping street and not seeing someone with neon garments on. And the best part about this all is that it comes in every piece of clothing that you can imagine! 😀
Here are my favourite pieces:

IRO CLU Chalayan  
Tibi Chalayan Dagmar
J.Crew Antonio Berardi Charlotte Olympia McQ Alexander McQueen

 (click picture = open net-a-porter webshop)
But do you want to know why I haven’t bought any neon yet? Because you spend money on it, and next year everybody will know those clothes are so last season… I would rather wear it as a nail polish, but as you can read here I may not buy any nail polish for 147 days from now 🙁
Have you bought a neon piece yet? 


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