Well, to answer the question in the title: not that good… I succeeded only at one of the six goals, so I’m not that happy with it. But I made some improvement, so maybe I will have a better update in twelve days.

So here are my updates:

1. Go shopping on Monday mornings.
That is quite okay, even though I don’t go shopping on Monday mornings but on Monday evenings. But I’m improving, so that is okay.
2. Do at least twice a week some sport.
Big, big, BIG not okay! In the past 18 days I have run once. I am ashamed.
3. Make a schedule of what-to-do/learn every week.
The past 2 weeks I only had five things to do: writing task for English, writing task for English, writing task for English, writing task for Italian and writing task for Italian. So that was actually quite easy. Those writing tasks are almost all finished, so I hope starting from Monday I will be able to study, yay :p
4. Take a piece of fruit to class. 
This is the only thing I completely succeeded in! 😀 Well, not completely completely, because I only forgot to bring my apple once 😀
5. Take more outfit pics.
Camera got fixed, but Sonday I noticed that I had forgotten my camera’s battery charger at home, so here I am in Ghent with a camera without full battery 🙁 I hope the charger is actually at home, because I thought he was here in Ghent, but appareantly he is not… Tomorrow I’ll go home, so hopefully I will find him there! And if I do, you will notice, because my mom called me Thursday to say that a package arrived for me, and I already want to open it and wear what is inside! *exciteddddd* 😀

6. Eat less sugar. 
Difficult one, but the daily apple to school has been a good replacement. I’ve eaten less sugar those past 18 days, I only ate one tablet of chocolate yesterday (this rainy weather made me do it. Not my fault.) and some chocolate chip cookies that I had promised to a friend for when she would visit me here in Ghent. (I had them lying here for two months already, so a bit of a bad timing…)

I have a lot of work to do if I want to feel proud about my dreams within twelve days. 

Do you have goals? What are they?


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