As you can read in the name of my blog, this blog is about clothes and dreams. “Dreams” is actually just another way of saying that I am setting goals. Last month was the first time I set them on this blog and here you can read how many I have accomplished. I will already tell you: I didn’t do well. So that is why I will retake some of the goals from last month, but with some variation.
This are my dreams for this month:

1. Go shopping on Monday mornings.
On Monday mornings I am usually a little bit very lazy, so I usually don’t get at working for school or shopping for groceries. But I want to change this. From now on I will go on a groceries shopping spree on Monday morning.
2. Do at least twice a week some sport.
This should be possible of the weather would stay good. When it is cold or rainy I don’t like to go outside, especially not to go running… Weird when you think I actually really love running :p
3. Make a schedule of what-to-do/learn every week.
Exams are almost there!
4. Take a piece of fruit to class. 
Will prevent me from taking a biscuit out of the vending machine.
5. Take more outfit pics.
(As soon as my camera gets fixed, of course!)
*Edit*: Here I’ve forgotten to add one: eat less/no more sugar. I’ve done this half a year ago too, and I had lost two kilos without actually eating less. I stopped because I had so many temptations, but now I will try to quit with it again. Hopefully it will work out this time, because I want to get bikini-ready! 😀

I hope I will be able to complete those goals more than last month. (a)
What are your goals?

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0 thoughts on “Dreams of May”

  1. good luck ;)… my ultimate goal right now is to successfully finish my finals, and keep up my new blog

  2. I love your lists, I make myself a list almost everyday because I'm a very chaotic person 🙂 On today's list is:

    – prepare and post an outfit on blog -done!
    – getting my desk organized -done!
    – have a coffee with a friend -in a minute!
    – get some veggies for dinner -in a couple of hours 😉

    Good luck with your examns!
    XO from Malta,

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