As you could read in this post, I will set some goals every month. Those are really basic things for now, becauseI hope that by the end of the month I have changed them into a habit so that I can focus on bigger goals / “dreams”. Now that the first half of the month has passed, let’s look a little more at what I have reached so far!
1) Eat more fruit.
 Do dried apricots count too? If not, this one could be better. Either way, this one could be better…

2) Cook more.
I was getting better at this one last week because I had holidays and cooked every other day 😀 *so proud* But now the holidays are over, I have already gone twice to the university restaurant, shame on me! 🙁 But will try to keep on improving this!

3) Don’t be lazy when it comes to sports.
Well, it is actually not really my fault that the university sports classes had a break because of the holidays and that it is cold or rainy when I want to go jogging? But I do ride my bicycle every day. And there is a big and steep hill in this city where I study… (a) But will improve this too; I have already made plans to go jogging with a friend from my class, from next week onwards, yay 😀

4) Don’t be lazy when it comes to my hair.
Well I am wearing a pony tail right now. And Sunday I had a baby shower and I had a bow in my hair, so I am improving on this part 😀

5) Always have at least one nail painted with a motif.
Yesterday I talked about my nail inspiration, but due to a lot of work for school I could not paint my nails YET. Already missing it actually, so not a good thing I don’t have time for painting them 🙁

6) Smile.
Check. I was smiling in the rain today, just happy to be outside 😀 And I smiled to that cute elder couple on the street today 😀 And to the dressmaker who made a compliment about my name 😀 And to the person studying next to me in the library today 😀 And to my boyfriend while he was watching the movie without noticing me looking at him 😀 And to all of the kind persons holding the door open for me 😀
Makes me happy, actually 😀

Some things could be better, but I think it is a good thing I haven’t forgotten about them already! What are your goals? And how are they going? 😀


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