Well, hello there!

Welcome to my blog! 😀
I will tell you some more about my taste of clothes, of nail art and of hair styles. Hope you’ll love it!

What I would start with: 

the Pants  Bonfleur from PAUL & JOE. Seen this at fashionata
I immediately fell in love with them! Unfortunately they’re no longer there with black stripes, and the price is a little too high for me, so for now, my money will be spent on other things (; 
Like for example this trench coat from pimkie
Trench court Camel
I bought it last week and I can’t wait for the weather to get better so I can start wearing it! 😀
What do you think about it? 😀
I have to admit, pimkie is not really a shop I enter a lot (last time I’ve entered it, must have been 2 years ago I think…), but a friend of mine bought her dress there and I remembered this, so while shopping I though I could also enter here and look what I’ve found: the coat I’ve been looking for for ageeees! 😀
(BTW, if you want this too: you can get a 30% discount on their site RIGHT NOW!)
So, this is it for my first blog post, hope you’ll come back later! I will try to post something here as much as I can, I promise.

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