Soooo, finally I have some time to show you my new nail art 😀
I used tools that only recently came in my possession and I just could not wait to try them out! Eventually they did not disappoint me at all!
Let’s take a look at my easy peasy creations 😀

I used a pink nailpolish for all of my nails. It is from the wetlook collection of Hema (a Dutch store, also available in Belgium, Germany and France) and it took me six layers of nailpolish to actually have a more or less decent coverage. Six, you’ve read it right, six. Took me a full day to put it on –‘
I do like the colour, though; a light pink with a “wetlook” finish, really shiny, and not too notable. This is actually what I aimed for because I have been wearing bright colours during the winter, and really everybody thought the colours were too notable, myself included. But still I choose a notable colour like every week… :p 

The nail art itself is made with shell powder from Light in the box (you can read about my shoplog here). It is actually a really fun texture: it are little coloured, shiny “stones”, really cool! 😀 
I got them on while going out yesterday, and as I am rather clumsy I got stuck in my tights twice and in my hair some hundred times :p But I still like it, really easy and fast to apply with some nail glue and it is really nice for a party 😀


On my other hand I used a dotting pen, which I’ve also bought from Light in the box, with Catrice “The Pinker The Better” nail polish to make the dots. I really like they have two sizes on one pen, and as they come in a package of five pens, you immediately have ten different sizes 😀 And the pens themselves look cute too! 😀

So, what do you think about my rather easy, but really fast nail art? 😀

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