I’m so sorry, guys! Two days ago I said the shoplog for my new perfume would be on “tomorrow”, as in: yesterday. But yesterday was suuuuch a busy day; studying, cooking for the boyfriend (I made some delicious scrambled eggs with vegetables, yummyyy!) and watching soccer (boyfriend’s idea, duhh!).
So again: I’m sorry!
But here is my shoplog 😀 I have bought……..

Viktor & Rolf’s Flowerbomb!

I once bought the Elle (the Belgian or Dutch one, cannot remember which one anymore) and they included a sample of this perfume. And since then I am CRAZY about it! It is sweet, a bit musky, and verrrrry sexy (; After a few hours it has not faded yet; it really stays (which I already noticed from that sample from the Elle). Even though it is a little strong, it suits all different occasions: go to university, go to work, party, eat out, … There’s no moment you cannot use it. I am so happy with this one, this one will certainly be empty soon! But not too soon because you don’t have to applicate it ten times a day, once will be sufficient for the whole day. 
Aaaah I’m in love! ^^
What perfume are you actually wearing?
Do you always use this one or do you have several perfumes where you alternate between?

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