Bloglovin’ currently has this contest going on to win Kate Walsh’s Boyfriend! … “Boyfriend” of course is the name of her PERFUME. Aaaaah, now you get it, don’t you? Because I’m a big fan of Private Practice and a sucker for perfumes (will show the shoplog about my latest one tomorrow, got it since today, so exciteed!), I surely want to win this one 😀
This is the collage I’ve made for the contest:

How to drive your boyfriend mad, part one. 

Soooo, what do you think about it? I wanted to make it sexy (black dress, high heels, red lips, the perfume), but still it had to maintain a little bit of cuteness (the hair, the phone case). This is certainly how I would make my boyfriend long for me, even when we’re sitting on both sides of a table (;
 If you totally feel how I am feeling about this perfume right now ( = excited), follow this link to buy him right now on Sephora. I can feel it won’t let you down!

What do you think about this perfume? 😀


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