Last day of April, how time flies! Let’s have a look at my dreams of this month and how many I actually have turned into a habit!

1. Eat more fruit.

Well, I kind of did eat more fruit, but not as much as I was planning to eat… It did not yet become a real habit, but when there is fruit at my appartment, I eat all of it, so eventually, that is a good thing, don’t you think?
2. Cook more.
I did not accomplish this dream. I am just so busy to have time to cook, but on the other hand I really want to cook things when I have the time. For example tomorrow I don’t have school and all of the school’s libraries are closed so I will be working for school at home. And at noon, I will make a delicious broccoli and salmon dish, yummy! 😀
3. Don’t be lazy when it comes to sports.
I have gone running with a friend once. I know, not good at all –‘ But now that the weather will be better, I will force myself to go running more often. Motivation? I’ve gained 3 kilos in just one month –‘ If that isn’t a good motivation! :p
4. Don’t be lazy when it comes to my hair.
Got lazy and put my hair in a ponytail. Not really what I intended when I made that dream, but hey, it is true 😀 Oh and I’ve put a bow in my hair once too. And again: now that the weather will be better, I will put more things in my hair. I just don’t like it that when it is cold, I don’t have the warmth of my hair in my neck :p
5. Always have at least one nail painted with a motif.
YES! Mission completed! 😀 I actually had some really nice plans for nail arts to show you, but my camera is broken so I could not take a picture of it. But I will re-do them soon 😀
6. Smile.
I’ve tried and saw some people start to smile when they were looking at me 😀 Mission completed #2 😀
I know I haven’t been the perfect example for completing goals, but I will keep on trying and hopefully I will at least complete those easy ones some time! :p 
Tomorrow I will show you my new goals, so stay tuned! 😀

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