This weekend I just discovered the most amazing nail polish ever! While I was taking a look on Twitter, I saw this tweet from (tweet is shown at the end of this article!). When I was little, I had a lot of those rings that changed colour according to your body warmth, called mood rings. Every colour means something, for example black = stressed, gray = nervous, etcetera. Eventually, mine would all turn to black… (That sounds weird… What I meant with that: they were broken; I had a happy childhood without stress).
Now they have this nail polish that also changes according to the temperature outside! 😀

For example, you go on holiday to a very hot destination, ring will have a certain colour. When you enter your room at night after a long day in the burning sun, ring will change because of the cold. I find this soooo cool! 
I really wished I could buy this nail polish right now, but I have this little problem… I made a contract with my friend that I may not buy nail polish for a complete year. Exactly, 365 days without buying a single drop of nail polish. I am really going mad, especially because it’s still in my blood to visit the nail polish department of a store while shopping. 🙁 But hey, only 206 more days to go! I will simply put this on my wish list and till then just think about this awesome type of nail polish. And paint my nails with my other 52 colours of nail polish. And yes, that is the reason why I have this contract: I already own too many nail polish, so it’s actually for my own good… :p

What do you think about the colour-changing nail polish? 
And do you own a lot of nail polish? 😀


Review : Color-changing nail polish: via @youtube GBHW10 for 10% off.
— (@bornprettystore) April 7, 2013

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