So, some days ago I was hanging out with some friends from school in a park. We saw a lot of people running and soon we were talking about me and another friend who had gone jogging the day before. Then suddenly, one of my friends says …….

“A big dream of mine is to one day run the marathon of New York.” 

We were of course all like ooohs and aaaahs and I-want-that-toos 😀 As we were actually all really serious about this, we will run this marathon of New York City… Probably only in some years, but this is actually a really cool “dream” now and this will encourage me certainly to make one of my smaller dreams become something really regular 😀 
New York has always been a city where I wanted to go to, and to be able to go with a bunch of friends and in the meanwhile do something we all love will be awesome 😀 Just a pity that they work with a lottery system, I hope this won’t disappoint us when we do not get chosen… We’ll see! For now, I will pretend I will run that marathon and train a lot 😀 And even when we do not get chosen, I will still go to NYC, making at least that dream come true 😀

Have you ever run a marathon? I will start jogging more from now on, because I’ve never ever run one in my entire life… But SO EXCITED 😀 


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